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    Your staff and customers are raving fans of your business.

    Your culture lifts and your brand speaks for itself.

    You have all the funding needed for growth

    Your business is loved by the community.

    You have time to enjoy your success.


    The strategies we apply, enable this outcome.


    Start here

    We work with leaders to distil their purpose and express this within the business. The purpose is clear when the vision and values are embodied in the business. Every business starts with a purpose. Every person can have a sense of purpose. When these align, magic happens. We apply these modules to elicit 'the why' in your business.

    human capital is the most important asset for social impact businesses


    Most Valuable Asset

    Human capital is the key to innovation, remaining competitive and future growth. The full-time employee spends more awake time at work than at home. And yet, research suggests only a minority of employees are fully engaged at work. We provide strategies to engage your staff, thereby attracting and retaining quality talent. Click on the people to find out more.


    Contribute to the world

    Every business has an opportunity to shape the social fabric of their community. They also have an opportunity to contribute and help alleviate the ecological challenges facing the planet. Once the Purpose is clear, and the People engaged, the contribution can be found.

    Maximising Profit for Vegan businesses & Plant-based businesses


    Key Drivers

    We analyse financial data and behaviour, to identify the key profit drivers impacting the bottom line. Financial measures are accepted as a lagging, yet crucial, indicators of the health of ​a business. We assist creating business wellbeing scorecards to pro-actively monitor the business as a whole.

  • Our Why

    We believe business is the catalyst for changing the world.

    Plant-based businesses create a massive positive social impact - that's largely unknown.

    We enable business owners and leaders who think differently.

    We believe businesses who create a better world should be rewarded for it.

    We exist to bring this about sooner.


  • Services

    We distil your Purpose, People, Planet & Profit Strategies to maximise your business growth,

    and enjoy your success.


    Results Based

    Business & executive coaching using the leading business & mind tools to identify key priorities



    Internal & External

    Short to long term advisory solutions related to grants, legal, finance, tax, digital hacking delivered by values aligned associates


    Thought Leader

    On the rise of vegan & plant-based foods and how to apply to Purpose, People Planet & Profit strategies to magnify organic growth.

  • Clients & Associations

    Here are some of the clients and campaigns we have served.

  • About Us

    Bob Ratnarajah
    Director & Principal

    Having created brands and worked at Virgin, Bob knows what it takes to embed the vision and values into an enterprise.

    Bob has founded & co-founded two Not-For-Profits, demonstrating the ability to harness the power of purpose, through social innovation, to create a large following.

    Bob has cultivated conceptual ideas through the evolutionary stages of development, thereby setting a foundation for tangible enterprises.

    From start-ups to small, medium and large multi-nationals, in both Australia and the UK. We understand the challenges and complexity a business endures at different stages of growth, restructures and acquisition.


    The experience spans across a number of dynamic commercial sectors like Telecommunications, Business Services, Hospitality, Biotechnology, Media, and Health Start-up.


    Our current focus is consulting to plant-based businesses. We see these businesses creating a very high social impact on our health and the environment.


    Bob has contributed to a number of NFP’s like 350.org, Blackdog, Greenups, Make Poverty History, Meat Free Week, Mindful in May, Tribal Warrior, Tamil Young Professionals Network & V Stars.

    Having held forums on community building topics of wellness, sustainability and building vibrant communities, Bob has woven a variety of interests together in the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Sector. The world is now recognising this as Social Impact.


    Bob has also presented internationally on Wellbeing, Happiness and the exponential growth of the Vegan (plant-based) movement.


    We have a team of experts in the areas of Taxation & Structures, Legal, Finance,

    Product & Digital Marketing & HR Specialists & LEAN Specialists


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    Beta Catalyst Consulting is based in Sydney, Australia and work with clients globally.

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